Leave It To The Towing Professionals

June 20, 2022, 11:08 am

Sometimes an owner of a vehicle may want to tow himself instead of calling a professional towing service. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it looks. DIY towing has some challenges and risks and is often not worth the savings. There are several reasons why it is best to leave the towing of a vehicle to an expert.


Towing a vehicle is a very dangerous and complex task. You occupy more space on the road, your car becomes harder to maneuver, and things are more likely to go wrong. From loading a vehicle onto a trailer to navigating a busy road, this process poses a serious risk to you and others.

Inappropriate equipment

To tow a vehicle safely and efficiently, you need more than a flatbed truck or pickup truck. Professional towing services use tow trucks with proper towing and lifting equipment that amateurs do not usually have. Amateur towing equipment is more likely to break down and can lead to serious injury or vehicle damage.

Exceeding towing capacity

Another mistake you can make with DIY towing is to exceed the vehicle's towing capacity. If you try to tow a vehicle that the truck cannot handle, the transmission can explode. Professional towing services include powerful tow trucks that can handle heavier loads, and you can even work with multiple tow trucks.


Professional towing services provide the ideal experience and driving style for safe towing. Some examples are to maintain constant speed, accurately measure trailer length, and avoid impulsive braking and acceleration. Attempting to tow a vehicle without proper experience puts you at risk for your safety and the safety of both vehicles.

Money saver

If you damage yourself or someone else's vehicle during towing, the cost is much higher than the cost of professional towing. Also, you are more likely to make mistakes along the way, which can lead to expensive tickets. It's even more serious when it comes to medical costs in the event of someone being injured.

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